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What Have the Different Parties Got Planned for the World of Employment


Natalie Williams, HR Executive at Bowden Jones Solicitors looks at how the two main parties in Wales view employment law issues.

The votes have been cast! However, we’re still not entirely sure how the political landscape will lie over the next year and beyond. Whilst the Conservative party had the most votes following the election, they did not have a majority and have had to rely on the DUP in Northern Ireland to prop them up. With the Tories in a weakened position, the Labour party claim that they could still form and run a government of their own.

But what have the different parties have planned for the world of employment?

The Conservative party have put a focus on examining the gig economy and reforming employment status as well as ensuring punishments for directors who mismanage pensions. In their manifesto, they have also suggested plans to introduce race pay gap reporting and increasing leave for carers and child bereavements.

Labour on the other hand promised to scrap tribunal fees, do away with the 2 year service rule on employment rights, ban zero-hour contracts, double paid paternity leave and repeal the Trade Union Act.

Both parties have put an emphasis on increasing the right of employees, however the ideas set out by the labour party may seem more daunting for small employers who have been used to working in an environment with decreased power for trade unions and a 79% drop in tribunal claims since fees were introduced.

Only time will tell as to which party will be able to bring their policies to fruition.