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Caerphilly Business Duo Launch Digital Platform for Material Sourcing


‘Matsource’ launch supports South Wales engineering businesses navigating shortages

As businesses in Wales continue to steer their way through the wake of local lockdowns and adverse trading conditions, Caerphilly entrepreneurs, Nick Robbins and Mark McGregor, have navigated the challenges of the pandemic to launch Matsource – an online platform designed to support engineering companies with material sourcing in an increasingly digital world.

Material sourcing, especially the procurement of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, has traditionally taken place in-person or over the phone, with up-to-date online listings few and far between. Matsource connects businesses in the engineering sector with a growing supplier network across the UK, opening up new purchasing options and streamlining the procurement process through a digital platform which operates in real time. The launch is especially timely as engineering businesses look further afield to fulfil their material requirements during widespread shortages.

With engineering sector experience in the team, Matsource’s founders are intimately aware of the inefficiencies of traditional sourcing methods – and with travel still impractical for many sales reps in light of COVID-19, procurement and sales have become more challenging than ever. With the trend towards digitalisation gathering pace, Matsource has launched at the perfect time to help engineering businesses transition to an online procurement model.

Nick Robbins, Director at Matsource, explains:

“It’s been a challenging period for the engineering sector – while many companies have remained operational throughout, traditional sourcing methods and supply chains have been difficult to maintain. Matsource cuts down on the hassle of material procurement, giving businesses more options and connecting them with suppliers that they may not have been aware of previously.”

“We’ve also made sure that Matsource can help procurement teams save time, inputting their material requirements and returning once suppliers have quoted – it’s a much more efficient process than calling or emailing each supplier separately. We’re confident that the platform will make material sourcing a whole lot easier for customers, and generate new opportunities for our suppliers with cost saving benefits for both,” added fellow Matsource Director, Mark McGregor.

From their base in Caerphilly Business Park, work began on the platform before the pandemic hit, with Matsource’s founders designing the platform to improve procurement processes and complement digitalisation within engineering. Matsource took on a new significance in light of COVID-19, however, encouraging Directors Nick and Mark to continue development through local and national lockdowns in order to bring the system to market.

Matsource has quickly been adopted in South Wales, with local engineering businesses recognising the advantage of online sourcing options.

Dave Thomas, Director at Penybryn Engineering commented:

“Penybryn is a medium sized engineering company and the nature of our business means we have to be reactive to our customers’ needs. The jobs that we do tomorrow will be different to the ones we do today. It is therefore very important that our time is used wisely, and the Matsource platform enables us to do just that.

“We were fortunate enough to be involved in Matsource’s ‘soft launch’. All of our experiences ordering through the platform have been smooth, with materials arriving on-site from the suppliers without any issues. It’s a great option to have, especially given the changing nature of the business landscape during the pandemic and on a broader scale. With Matsource, we know that we’ll have access to both suppliers and materials, no matter what the situation is locally at any given time.”

To learn more about how Matsource can support engineering businesses with material procurement, just visit: