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The Benefits of In-Car Tech for Businesses 


Here at Pronto, we have witnessed the changing landscape of the transport industry, with technology completely transforming the way in which we both view and operate vehicles. From tech giants Google and Uber fighting to release the first autonomous car, to big brands working on technology for flying cars, the forever-in-development transport scene it utterly fascinating at present.

Thought to be a good decade away from driverless cars, until then we will have to drive ourselves around, with businesses showing more and more interest in vehicles that are technologically-minded. Utilising the benefits of in-car tech in particular, we have created a list of the most supportive in-vehicle technology businesses can make use of.


Time-keeping and organisation are two things vital to ensure a business ticks over nicely, especially if the business requires daily travel.  With the majority of leased cars and vans now having built-in trackers, businesses can enjoy a wealth of additional benefits from their lease agreements. These include:

Less collisions – Research suggests that when people know they are being watched or simply get the feeling they are being watched, they become more self-conscious and increasingly cautious.

Putting bosses in the driving seat – By working with a business fleet that has tracking devises installed, it gives bosses an up-to-date view of all business geographically in real-time, allowing them to remain in control of every single vehicle simultaneously.

Improve driving habits – Providing driving reports, trackers allow for driver feedback, looking out for bad habits such as braking too hard or running fuel dangerously low. Influencing improved driving habits, such technology can limit the risk of accidents, thus damage pay-outs.

Dashboard cameras

Permitting drivers to record sounds and images while they are on the road, ‘dash cams’ have become increasingly popular of late; a tech device that can be coupled with different on-board technologies, such as recorders and GPS devices. From providing first-hand footage in the event of an accident or dispute, to saving you money on your car insurance, having your vehicle’s movement recorded is a good option all round.


Wi-Fi is now everywhere; your home, work, the local coffee shop! But, what if you could have your own hotspot in your car? Though initially thought to be a distraction by car manufacturers, many big brands such as Ford, Audi, Mercedes and Citroen have now installed hotspots in their latest models; a feature that sways many businesses when selecting their vehicles. Allowing drivers and passengers to send emails and continue working throughout their commute, hotspots can also save you money on company phone data.

Braking technology  

Again, focusing on safety, new braking technology has proven to be a supportive in-car feature for businesses leasing cars. Just this week, Mercedes and Continental Tyres has announced details of their new Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems; built with technology to help avoid accidents by identifying critical situations early.

Mark Griffiths, safety expert at Continental Tyres, commented: 

“These free driving experiences further support our ‘Vision Zero’, a global initiative that aims to reduce road accidents worldwide through improved driver education and enhanced automotive safety systems.”

With such systems expected to be integrated into commercial vehicles as early as 2018, technology is continuing to support businesses and their lease investment, making driving in Wales a lot less risky.

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