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A Flourishing Bio Technology Cluster Within South Wales


Rod Sears-Black, Managing Director of Biocatalysts, spoke to Business News Wales to give an insight on how Biocatalysts have continued to lead the way in the development and manufacturing process of speciality enzymes in industrial applications, such as foods and pharmaceuticals, to some of the worlds largest businesses.

Whilst rapidly growing towards their largest investment programme to date, the disruption of the Covid pandemic saw Biocatalysts secure their focus on the world of food and medicine that was seen as quite the protected industry that kept the world going.

In a post Covid world, Biocatalysts have seen a marked positive impact on their workforce and output, embracing the change with a new hybrid working environment.

Biocatalysts believe they have never assumed to know everything, however, thriving in their new adoptive ways of working post pandemic, with the insight from other businesses alike, Biocatalysts see joining Manufacturing Wales as a way of sharing thier knowledge and science behind their products that may be of use to others in the Manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Wales is a platform for businesses to connect, share problems and create solutions: Being quality focused and technology led to ensure Wales’ brands are globally recognised.

Manufacturing Wales was established by manufacturers in 2021 to help them support each other, share insight and organise events that specifically focus on the needs of the sector. The aim is to be a strong voice demonstrating quality manufacturing in Wales; highlighting the very best, established, successful businesses, doing great things and enabling them to share all that is great about Welsh manufacturing. This in turn provides a strong supply chain, link into academia, highlighting job opportunities for all levels, investment, collaboration and more. We use the platform to share member stories across the media and with each other; as a trusted network we share ideas, problem solve issues and create new ventures together.

Benefits include:

  • Access to finding skills for Manufacturing employers through links to HE/FE
  • Access to other Manufacturing companies and support and advice on supply chains, research and development, funding, tax, legal advice and property management, overseas trading,
  • Participate and build relationships with other similar Manufacturers in Wales at our events, tours and webinars

If your manufacturing business would like to find out more about joining our industry lead group, contact [email protected]