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£9 Million Water Boost for Merthyr Customers


Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water has completed its work on a £9 million pound investment scheme which will ensure around 25,000 customers in Merthyr Tydfil and the surrounding areas continue to receive a top-quality drinking water supply.

The company constructed a brand-new water reservoir on the land adjacent to the existing reservoir at Pengarnddu, which is located next to Pengarnddu Industrial Estate off the A465.

The new reservoir, which is partially buried within the land, has the capacity to store an additional 9 megaliters of treated drinking water – that’s the equivalent to three and a half Olympic swimming pools! The additional storage will help strengthen the resilience of the company’s water network within the Merthyr area, reducing the likelihood of restrictions needing to be put in place during dry weather conditions in the future.

Work began in April 2021 and took around two years to complete. Throughout the summer, the company will be continuing to work on reinstating the area to ensure the new reservoir blends in with its existing surroundings.

Brendan Hansen, Welsh Water Project Manager, said: “We’re delighted to have completed this £9 million investment project in Merthyr Tydfil. Not only will this additional reservoir help increase the resilience of Merthyr Tydfil’s water network, but it will also strengthen its ability to respond to fluctuations in demand so that it can continue to provide our 25,000 customers in the Merthyr area with a safe, reliable water resource.”

This work forms part of the £1.8 billion investment being made by the not-for-profit company between 2020 and 2025 to improve services to customers and protect the environment.

As well as investing in its infrastructure, the company has dedicated teams finding and fixing around 120 leaks a day in order to help reduce leakage and wastage on the network. If you notice a leak that needs investigating, you can report it by calling 0800 052 0130 or by visiting Welsh Water’s website.

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