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6th March – Cardiff
IMN Cardiff – Natalia Rotenberg and Johanna Stone



When only the very, very best will do!

Come and share in the vast knowledge and master the different success strategies of the global elite, super rich and royalty in order for you to build your business, become financially free and importantly, build long lasting health and wealth.

Intelligent Millionaires Network ethos is to bring in international business experts & millionaires to share their secrets of success with our members and IMN Cardiff is truly privileged to welcome Natalia Rotenberg and Johanna Stone to our 6 March 2018 meeting. They are powerhouse individuals who have successfully navigated the highest echelons of global society and are passionate and dedicated to help others fully reach their own and business potential.

Join us for a content filled evening to help you grow your 1st Million or grow to 10 or even 100million.

Celebrity guest Natalia Rotenberg is an international entrepreneur and philanthropist who’s drive to succeed has propelled her to be the founder and CEO of NR group, a brand with numerous worldwide holdings and investments including

• Global real Estate: Natalia has a creative flair for design and has the knowledge and connections worldwide to assist in the buying and selling of land and property.
• Film : WMA is London-based independent film finance, production and distribution company with the mission to develop and produce three to four feature films per year in various budget ranges.
• Events: NR Events hosts Private VIP, Balls and Galas and International Relations events catering the most discerning of tastes
• Charity: NR Foundation was founded in 2015 the charitable foundation Natalia Rotenberg supports children around the world helps reveal their talents in various spheres: art, sports, science and music. In two years they have helped more than a thousand children realize their dreams and discover their potential. They do this through holding events, competitions and tournaments, sponsoring trips to competitions and social assistance for families and children.

Natalia lives by the motto ‘One person, One deal, One opportunity can change your life or business forever’ and IMN Cardiff Owner John Stokoe will interviewing her on her life, successes, charity work and Russian mentality.

Johanna Stone is the CEO of JS Global FX a Swiss/UK based wealth and lifestyle transformation business, with over 25 years’ experience win the Forex field. If you are looking for a total lifestyle transformation then you have come to the right place as JS Global FX focuses on Forex, Psychology, Self-Mastery and Wealth Management.

Further to that JS Global FX specialise in:

• Company Structures
• Off-Shore Structures – Safe tax havens
• Branding
• Asset Management : Commodities, gold, silver, oil
• Wealth Training
• Wealth Packages
• Property Investment
• Wellness Investments
• Personal Development
• Business Development

BRING GUESTS so they can network with and soak up Natalia and Johanna’s amazing knowledge and lifelong experience.

Cost: Varies (Free – £108.39)

WHEN:6th March 2018 –
WHERE:Cardiff – Jolyons at Number 10

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