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Wales Based Packaging Firm Praised for Leading Role in Vaccine Programme


A global packaging business based in Wales, has been hailed for helping to lead the world out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tri-Wall, with its UK head office based in Monmouth and six sites across the UK, continues to play an important role in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine programme.

As a leading supplier of corrugated packaging in the UK, Tri-Wall was selected as a strategic partner by another leading UK packaging company to provide various components including the outer cartons, as the distribution solution for the COVID-19 vaccine that has made its journey to more than 100 countries around the world.

Recently, David Davies, MP for Monmouth, and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales; Peter Fox, MS for Monmouth and Shadow Minister for Finance; and Keith Dunn, the Honorary Consul for Japan in Wales, met with Tri-Wall UK CEO, Gavin Peters, and other staff at the site.

David Davies MP said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this local company that undoubtedly has a global reach. The Astra-Zeneca vaccine, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said, was bottled in Wrexham, but not so many people are aware of the role that a local manufacturer in Monmouthshire has played in supporting the COVID-19 vaccine programme.

“Tri-Wall is a pioneering company, with integrity and talent at its helm, that has played a historic role in helping our robust vaccination rollout.

“Without doubt, this company has stepped up to tackle the biggest challenge of our time.”

Peter Fox MS said:

“Tri-Wall has played an instrumental role in both aiding the UK Government’s robust vaccination roll-out as well as making an enviable contribution towards the distribution of the vaccine. I dread to think where the world would now be without the talent and determination of Monmouthshire’s very own Tri-Wall. “Tri-Wall’s historic success really does go to show that if you invest in Wales, Wales will invest back in you.”

Keith Dunn said:

“I was absolutely delighted to join David Davies MP and Peter Fox MS in hearing more of the immense work that Tri-Wall has thus far carried out. I, therefore, encourage more Japanese firms, to look at Tri-Wall’s successes, and invest further in Wales.”

Gavin Peters said:

“Alongside our strategic partners, Tri-Wall is honoured to be such an instrumental part of the global vaccine rollout. The speed and ability of the people in the business to meet this demanding challenge reflects the strong capabilities we have to deliver.Wales is home to a great amount of knowledge and skill. We pride ourselves on turning that into results for customers and returns in investments for the future of our company.

“We are very grateful for the comments of the ministers and the honorary consul of Japan, we only see it as playing our part and doing our job when it matters the most, we look forward to delivering future innovations for Wales backed by Rengo and the global Tri-Wall brand.”