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12 April 2021

There have been many changes to the healthcare sector due to the pandemic, especially regarding the use of digital services. In this Business Insights Digital Discussion, an expert panel discusses the impact and future of streamlining of public services.

Benno Wasserstein, Managing Director of Digital Consultancy Box UK speaks to Anne Marie Cunningham, Associate Medical Director for Primary Care, Digital Health and Care Wales and Professor Hamish Laing, Professor of Enhanced Innovation, Engagement and Outcomes at Swansea University and Chair of the Digital Inclusion Alliance for Wales.

This video contains unique first-hand insights into the transition from GP face-to-face consultations to video consultations, managing data integrity, digital accessibility, and the importance of collaboration between major players in the British internet sector and the wider community.

The panel considers the role that the private sector has in supporting the continuing development of digital services within health and addresses the changes that have had the most positive effect on digital service users, discussing what further changes are needed.

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