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Revolutionising the Welsh Film Landscape: Stage Fifty’s Bold Venture in North Wales


In this audio series special for Ambition North Wales, we hear from representatives of the five new projects who are developing business cases aimed at securing places within the Growth Deal portfolio for the North Wales Economic Ambition Board.

In a groundbreaking move, Roger Morris, Managing Director of Stage Fifty, unveils an ambitious plan to establish a state-of-the-art creative campus in North Wales, catering to the film and television industry. With an illustrious career spanning renowned studios like Pinewood and Elstree, Morris identifies a unique opportunity to tap into the underutilised potential of North Wales for studio space and talent.

The venture, with the hope of being backed with £6.8m of North Wales Growth Deal funding it's an ultra-passion project with a dual focus on commercial viability and community impact. The creative campus will not only host film studios but also serve as an educational hub, fostering talent through vocational training.

Roger envisions North Wales becoming a hub for major film productions and local projects alike, injecting new life into the region's economy. The project has accumulated overwhelming support from local authorities, dignitaries, and communities, recognising its potential to transform North Wales into a thriving hub for film and television production.

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