Regeneration is Key to Driving Change for Pembrokeshire



Pembrokeshire County Council’s Regeneration programme is to be welcomed and supported.

The time is right for the Authority to provide a sharper focus on Regeneration – doing so will present  opportunity and support innovation in doing the right thing for Pembrokeshire.

The current level of ambition is borne of substance in resource, feasibility and a strong sense of what’s right for the County. I am pleased to say that I believe that the County Council is on the right track to deliver.

We are beginning to see exciting developments with regard to our ‘built environment’ with our ‘Destination Transformation’ of Haverfordwest and Pembroke town centres, alongside innovation in infrastructure with our digital and highway proposals.

As a destination for tourism, our heritage and natural environment is second-to-none. Our regeneration strategy will look to bring these elements to the fore, maximising the benefits of our natural splendour and realising the potential of what Pembrokeshire has to offer.

In his recent feature, Cllr Paul Miller said there is a political appetite for regeneration in Pembrokeshire that prioritises this programme for widespread improvement across the County. As Chief Executive of Pembrokeshire County Council, I will ensure that the necessary support, talent and technical skills are available to deliver on these ambitious plans and that every effort is made to ensure measured consideration in our approach.

Our residents, as well as those from further afield will be keen to understand exactly what Pembrokeshire County Council intends to deliver. We are beyond a ‘watch this space’ message and our recent articles about Haverfordwest show that our Riverside programme has substance and a focus for improvement in Haverfordwest. Elsewhere, we have exciting movement in our plans to renovate South Quay in Pembroke, together with some great strides in our aim to enhance our Digital Connectivity across the County.

We understand the Council’s role as a critical partner with whom local business and prospective investors can work to realise their own plans and proposals. Our Regeneration programme is allied to a ‘why not?’ attitude that understands the benefit of attracting the right development interests and the right people who can bring commercial and financial benefit to Pembrokeshire. This is an outstanding county in which to live, learn, work and raise a family; we want to add business growth and success to the list of reasons to ‘come West’.

Over the coming weeks and months, there will be more announcements and proposals for Pembrokeshire, representing a commitment to actions in driving a tangible Regeneration programme.

This is about understanding that a culture of innovation and positive change sits at the heart of a successful Regeneration programme –  Pembrokeshire is ready to get started!

Written By: Ian Westley

Chief Executive of Pembrokeshire County Council