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Powys County Council’s Housing Service Issues advice to Local Tenants


Be a good tenant reminder from council

Council tenants in Powys are being urged to behave in a responsible way by the county council.

Powys County Council’s Housing Service has issued the advice after it secured an injunction against a tenant in south Powys after their threatening behaviour towards another council tenant and member of staff from the service.

The council was successful applying for the injunction at the County Court in Neath and Port Talbot against the tenant, who is now forbidden to approach or verbally communicate with the other tenant and the member of staff.

Cllr Darren Mayor, Cabinet Member for Housing Service, said:

“The vast majority of our council tenants are good tenants and are respectful towards their neighbours.

“Unfortunately we have to deal with a small handful of tenants who upset their neighbours or behave in an anti-social way.  Although we try to resolve matters in an amicable way, there are times where were have to take further action including court action.

“As a social housing landlord, we have to ensure that we protect other council tenants but also our staff when they carry out their duties. This recent action proves what steps we will take to protect those we are responsible for.

“Our tenancy conditions state the responsibilities of tenants in relation to their behaviour. This helps ensure that neighbours and residents live in peaceful enjoyment in their homes and communities.

“If tenants breach these conditions, they will be liable to enforcement action which may ultimately lead to the loss of their home.”