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EVENT: The Future for Transport in Wales



6th July 2022





This conference discusses the next steps for transport in Wales, bringing together policymakers and stakeholders.

It takes place against the backdrop of Llwybr Newydd, which sets out the Welsh Government strategy moving forward with ambitions for:

improving access to services and reducing the need to travel
encouraging sustainable transport and improving the accessibility of electric vehicles
a coordinated approach to infrastructure development, and the review of the road network
increasing the reliability and accessibility of public transport across Wales, especially in rural areas, as well as transforming customer experience

Delegates will look at the steps which need to be taken if these aims are to be achieved, and further measures that can be taken by both the Welsh Government and key stakeholder groups to improve transport provision in Wales.

We also expect discussion on the impact of further Welsh Government policy initiatives, including the Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy for Wales, Net Zero Wales, and the Wales Roads Review.

Overall, sessions in the agenda look at:

  • Llwybr Newydd implementation – key challenges – investment and support – stakeholder roles and responsibilities – reversing the decline in public transport during the pandemic
  • sustainability – net-zero targets – opportunities and barriers – achieving emissions reduction – electric vehicle rollout – delivery of charging infrastructure to meet anticipated need
  • needs of communities – transport accessibility, affordability and reliability – community engagement and influence – new trends and work patterns – concerns such as South Wales Metro facilities
  • the Roads Review – looking ahead to the final report and priorities – investment – road capacity and usage – environmental impact – safety – future-proofing – assessment of key projects
  • implementation and delivery challenges – the impact of the pandemic – labour and materials shortages – achieving a joined-up approach – effective project management
  • next steps for policy – priorities for sector and community stakeholders – achieving the ambition for a transport system that will support prosperity and wellbeing across Wales into the future

We are pleased to be able to include a keynote session with Geoff Ogden, Director for Planning, Development & Advisory Services, Transport for Wales; as well as contributions from Arup; Cardiff Bus; Cardiff University; Network Rail; Sustrans Cymru; and Transport Focus.