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24 November 2023

Dedicated Employability Advisor for Itec is an ERSA Awards Finalist

Courtney Llewellyn, an Employability Advisor for Itec Skills and Employment, a provider of the Serco Restart scheme, has recently been announced as a finalist for the ERSA Awards ‘Frontline Advisor of the Year’ Category.

At the heart of Itec’s Restart delivery, Employability Advisors are responsible for providing end-to-end structured support and guidance to all participants on the Restart Employability programme, ensuring the attainment of positive sustained outcomes by providing a variety of interventions throughout their journey on provision.

The ERSA Employability Awards celebrates individuals and employers who display consistent dedication to making a positive difference in people’s lives across 12 different categories. This year there were more than 300 entries.

Courtney, having joined Itec in January 2022 has provided excellent support to all her participants and has helped at least 10 individuals into employment since January 2023. She was awarded Employee of the Month and Advisor of the Month in May 2023 and has received praise from auditors due to her excellent action plan reviews. Courtney has proven to be a hardworking and diligent employee committed to making a positive change in the workplace and participants' lives.

Courtney Llewellyn said,

“I love my role as an employability advisor as there is no greater pleasure than to give reassurance to individuals who need motivation and to see themselves as worthy of achieving anything they aspire to be and goals they want to reach. I enjoy prizing individuals to improve their sense of self and enable them to see themselves as credible. Being an employment advisor, I do not focus on what individuals cannot do, however, focus on what they can do and how I can use empowerment to encourage and inspire.”

The ERSA Employability Awards will be held on the 28th of November in Westminster where the winners will be announced.


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