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6th July – Monmouth
Leading Engaging Meetings – Course



In the modern business world Leaders spend a great deal of their time in physical and virtual meetings as they are often the most effective means of organisational communication to achieve business goals. A properly organised and well run meeting can save time, generate ideas, solve problems and increase motivation. However, getting your audience to be accountable and take actions following the meeting is a different story, and poorly run meetings are often a major cause of frustration and dissatisfaction at work. This course aims to provide Leaders with the skills and know-how to run and actively take part in meetings that:

  • Bring energy
  • Improve participation
  • Achieve accountability for actions
  • Deliver on outcomes

Who should attend?

Leaders who are responsible for:

  • Delivering a briefing process
  • Communicating with teams to steer performance
  • Improving employee engagement levels
  • The effective running of formal & informal meetings
  • Analysing management information & cascading it
  • Communicating change

Course objectives

To support Leaders to:

  • Know what type of meeting will get the best results
  • Be clear on what information is relevant to cascade
  • Improve communication techniques to get the most from the meeting
  • Engineer engagement through self-awareness
  • To use management information to drive performance
  • Be clear on company aim, vision and objectives
  • Be influential
  • Foster accountability from others
  • Achieve a right first time approach
  • Understand feedback for improvement
  • Develop a ‘Plan & Prepare’ technique
  • Know when to chair and when to facilitate
  • Deploy techniques for keeping meetings on track
  • Effectively deal with common problems encountered in meetings
  • Agree, clarify and record actions
  • Closing meetings effectively
  • Evaluate the success of a meeting
  • Action plan to increase the success of the next meeting

Course overview

Day One – Morning

Communicating for performance:

  • Understanding management information and relating it to your audience
  • Working with 3 powerful motivators
  • Enhancing communication, accountability & influence
  • Using an approach that is systematic & consistent

PracticalBringing people with you exercise. Using the learning form the session you are invited to deliver an element of a meeting in a real life forum to receive support and challenge from your peers, and in the moment feedback on your application of skill from the trainer.

Day One – Mid Morning & Early Afternoon

The Power of Engaging Employees:

  • Learn how to Engineer Engagement through your own leadership style
  • Managing and driving performance in an open forum
  • Understanding & dealing effectively with behaviour
  • Using communication styles to ensure accountability

PracticalThe accountability chain. Here you will demonstrate your new skills in a real life forum to receive support and challenge from your peers, and receive in the moment feedback from the trainer on your ability to engineer engagement, drive performance and ensure accountability from your audience.

Day One – Afternoon Session

Planning & Leading In Meetings:

  • Being clear on roles & responsibilities
  • Managing the communication loop
  • Problem solving at the source
  • Owning & cascading information
  • Moving forward – Reflecting on previous meetings, and planning for the next.

Practical‘30 Minute Preparation Technique’ to lead an effective meeting. You will be shown a practical and tangible technique that will guarantee engagement from your audience time and time again. You will be invited to review your current practice in line with the learning from the day, and action plan for your next meeting in the workplace by including the new skills and practices learnt from the course.

Cost:£69.62 – £138.65
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WHEN:6th July 2018 – 09:00 – 16:30