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10 April 2024

150+ Staff at Booming Care Agency Benefit from Cost of Living and Mental Health Support

A caring business is supporting its 150-strong workforce with a series of events and activities to combat the cost-of-living crisis and health and wellbeing challenges post-Covid.

Since launching in the pandemic, Enhanced Healthcare has grown to become one of the leading names in the sector.

The Colwyn Bay-based organisation is blazing a trail for others in the industry and has done so by prioritising its own team of nurses and health and social care staff.

Delivering temporary staffing solutions to a range of health and social care services across North Wales and beyond, the award-winning company was launched by Chanel Williams in 2021, as she herself was seven months pregnant in hospital recovering from a life-threatening condition.

That same year, Chanel was joined by friend and former colleague Natalie O’Brien, who took up the role of Director of Operations, and together they have overseen a period of expansion while doing all they can to help agency employees cope with the social, economic, and mental health challenges facing many people today.

“The last few years have been difficult in so many ways, with the Covid pandemic and cost-of-living crisis in particular having a huge impact nationwide,” said Chanel, from Colwyn Bay.

“Working within health and social care our team and the services we support were at the forefront of one of the most critical and demanding times we’ve ever faced, so it’s crucial as a responsible business we do all we can to create a supportive, open environment.

“We’ve organised events with financial advisers, health and wellbeing experts and more, tackling issues such as debt, mortgages, rising childcare costs, energy bills and the compounded remnants of the pandemic.

“I have been humbled by the response and proud our team feel they able to talk to us; they are the beating heart of Enhanced Healthcare and that will never change.”

Staff also enjoyed a free day of activities during the Easter break – alleviating some of the financial pressures the school holidays can bring – and held ‘drop-in’ days on a wide range of other topics including nutrition, budgeting, and money saving tips, with yoga, managing stress and physical wellbeing sessions planned for the near future.

“We will hold regular, accessible events for the team,” said Natalie, from Anglesey.

“Not only does this give us peace of mind, that we are doing all we can to help them through these challenging economic times, but it’s also good for morale.

“This is an investment in forward-thinking change which will in turn create positive working environments, improve staff retention, and reduce stress-related conditions.

“We have already seen the results, that by adopting this approach we can in turn make a greater difference and improve the quality of service for our clients and other stakeholders.

“Ultimately, a happy and supported workforce is far more proactive and productive than one which feels undervalued and overburdened. That’s huge for us, and for them in meeting our high standards – we encourage other organisations to consider taking the same steps.”

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