Video Support Package

Enhance your brand/story through our range of video support services.



Our promotional graphic videos are   ideal for social media.

These videos allow you to tell your story in a more dynamic format.

If you're looking to build your social media profile these videos are perfect for stimulating engagement.


Barclays - Manufacturing

video interview


Our video interviews are placed within our 'Business News Wales Meets' series.

Video interviews can be a good option if you're looking to build personal brand.

They also position you and your business as a thought leader within your industry.

Each interview will be distributed via Business News Wales but can also sit on your own website.


The WRU - Martyn Phillips

corporate story


Tell your story through video.

Our short 2-3 minute corporate video format enables you to tell your story via an imaginative and emotive video.

Also available to embed into your own website.


Penderyn Distillery

Design and Supply

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