Podcast Round Table Engagement

Turn your insight and thought leadership into an interactive and engaging campaign.

PODCAST round table


Podcast & Round Table Delivery

Our board room format caters for a 6-man discussion within our luxury environment

Audio Transcript

We provide a fully transcription of the session into a text document which can form the basis of additional content


Professional photos taken before, during and after the session


Hot drinks and a wide range of cold drinks are available to all guests

Online Distribution

Your event capture is then extensively distributed via Business News Wales:

- Call to Action & SEO Support
  Generate response and search optimisation
- Analytics & Reporting
  Page views and click throughs
- Lead Generation Landing Pages
  We use a variety of techniques to ensure we capture enquiries

Add-on 1:


Thought Leadership Capture

With over 15 years’ experience within the B2B environment, your session can be captured by our very own Chris Kelsey into an insightful and fully branded feature.

Add-on 2:


Showcase your specialism with our Knowledge Bank page. This page will sit on our Business News Wales domain and will include:

- Full Page Brand Ownership
- Podcast Round Table Discussion
- Video Interview

- Lead Generation

- Call to Action & SEO Support

- Analytics & Reporting

Add-on 3:


Video Capture

After your round table discussion, we interview all your guests, creating an insightful video summary of the session.