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Young Homeless Women Re-Script Lives with Taff Housing Association


Taff provides temporary, supported accommodation to young, homeless women through its two hostels Ty Enfys & Ty Seren.

Working with some of the most important people in the world – the next generation and the one coming through after that.  Many of the young, homeless people and young mums and babies that we work with have had a harrowing start to life.  Multiple adverse childhood experiences put them at greater risk of developing health-harming behaviours that will shorten their lives, give increased likelihood of incarceration, poorer educational attainment and make them more likely than the rest of the population of being a victim or perpetrator of violence.

This is an unacceptable life script for our future generations.  Our services work with these young people to help them re-write that script, so that the past does not dictate their future. By working in innovative ways our support services provide unique services that are not seen anywhere else in Wales. And our approach works: From the Shine Project, of the families that had their child on the child protection register, 38% had their child de-registered by the end of support and 37% had the level of social service intervention downgraded.

Ty Enfys mother and baby Hostel has recently won at the 2018 Housing Heroes awards in the category of Support and Care Team of the Year (under 7,000 homes).