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Work Psychologists Set Up in Caerphilly County Borough


Behavioural Dynamics Ltd, a work psychology consultancy has been established at the Fleur-de-lis Institute.

The British Psychological Society has recently presented a paper to Parliament entitled Psychology at Work, challenging the government to recognise well-being strategies as a key component of boosting organisational and employee productivity. The report points out that psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour and as such has the potential for far-reaching effects on employees and the workplace. The report was also critical of the previous Conservative government’s approach because of its lack of uniformity towards well-being strategies in encouraging economic growth and competitiveness.

Dr Alan Dowler, said

“The BPS paper raises many important issues in relation to psychology at work. Our aim is to provide a service to employers based on psychological science that will help them to achieve their goals whilst improving the well-being of the workforce and increasing productivity. All too often the best of intentions can go adrift because we work against human behaviour instead of with it.”

Kevin Dawson, said,

“The importance of psychology to organisations cannot be overstated and has often
made the difference when it comes to improving well-being at work, reducing employee turnover and
increasing productivity. Fortune 500 companies in the USA have certainly taken advantage of what work psychology can offer”.

Behavioural Dynamics Ltd look forward to offering their services to both public and private sector organisations in a bid to support economic development particularly in the South Wales valleys.