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WIWO Networking Company Partners with South Wales Health Clubs


Work In, Work out (WIWO Networking) incorporates fitness into their networking sessions to boost business, improve health and promote better work-life balance.

WIWO have partnered with Nuffield Health Club in Bridgend and One Gym in Newport for a morning a month to get business professionals working, while working out, together.

Why should you attend?

  • Build Better Business Relationships

Does the awkward eye contact, forced small talk and sheer awkwardness of traditional networking make you cringe?

These networking sessions are different. The first 45 minutes is spent productively, sweating it out in a circuit’s class together. This collective activity means that when you get around to the structured networking the ice has been broken and you are ready to bond over your shared experience as well as being open to discuss your profession and what you’re about.

  • Improve your Work – Life Balance and make time for your Health and Well–Being

You shouldn’t have to forfeit your health to go networking.  WIWO swaps out the unhealthy breakfast for healthy options, keeping you energised for the day. Working out also boosts endorphins so you will be happier and more focused to take on your workload. Whether you’re a sales person or a business owner, feeling confident and focused are key drivers for success.

Incorporating a workout into your morning work routine will also allow you to save yourself an hour by not having to hit the gym after work.  Bonus!

  • Promote your Business and Personal Brand

Monthly members have their business promoted on the WIWO website with a click to website function as well as a link to the member’s professional LinkedIn page.

  • Follow up the WIWO Way

WIWO members benefit from an online business forum where you can message people and share ideas just like you would a friend or a colleague using in house collaboration tools.  A more collaborative and organic way to build your relationships.

Time to ditch the business cards and save some trees!

  • Give a little Back to the Community

WIWO value community and encourage members to “Bring a Tin” to sessions. These tins will then be donated to the local foodbanks for those in need.

The Bridgend session will run on Tuesday 18th June and the Newport session with run Wednesday 26th June.

If you’d like to attend a session then you can book online at

Any questions you have you can email [email protected]