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Why Start-ups Make Great Business Partners


Submitted by Sitka

When it comes to choosing a business partner, whether it’s for recruitment, HR, marketing or something else entirely, a younger business can be a great choice.

Granted they might not have the brand equity or strong track record that a larger, more established organisation has, but they do have a number of competitive advantages:

They have better knowledge

It’s often the case that small businesses are closer to their clients and have spent time cultivating relationships with them. The understanding this gives them means they’re much better equipped to meet expectations.

Likewise, small businesses who focus on a limited geographical area are much more likely to have an in-depth insight into that particular market.

When it comes to a recruitment partner like Sitka, deeper is better than wider.

They’re more agile

A small business has the ability to move quickly in line with current trends. They’re not held back by complicated decision-making processes or constrained by their head office to handle things in a particular way, so they can be much more responsive when you need them to be.

They’re also more likely to be able to tailor their service to suit your unique requirements.

They’re more invested

The chances are, the directors of a start-up business will have put a lot at stake, both financially and reputationally, when starting their business – far from this making them an unstable choice, this means they’re more likely to deliver above and beyond what their larger competitors do – word of mouth can make or break a small business.

They won’t just be paying lip service on behalf of a brand either; most small business owners design their business around their own core values, so they’re more likely to live and breathe them.

You’ll get a more personal service

For a large number of start-ups, ourselves included, quality is far more important than quantity. As they’ll have a lower volume of clients, you’re more likely to get the personal treatment throughout your partnership with them, not just at the pitch stage. They don’t have different teams for different processes. And if they work in close proximity to clients, they’ll often invest more face-to-face time.

At Sitka, we’re pleased to be able to provide consistency of service throughout the recruitment process; we guarantee our clients that they’ll always work with an experienced director.

They’re more trustworthy

Smaller brands have been shown to be more trusted than larger ones. Why? Because they stand for something; their authenticity, their vested interest in the community, and their need to avoid a PR nightmare, are all good reasons to trust a start-up over a large corporate.

For us, trust is the overarching element of a good partnership. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent, but it goes two ways; our clients also need to be transparent with us for us to be able to recruit the people capable of giving their business a competitive edge.

When it comes to choosing a trusted business partner, small might just be better than big.