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Whitepaper: The Benefits of Emotional Connection in Healthcare and Enterprise


The Benefits of Emotional Connection in Healthcare and Enterprise

This new whitepaper looks at how the NHS is using the power of personalised video technology to build emotional connections with their patients, deliver family-centred-care and gather feedback from parents of new-born infants to enhance the service they provide.
The research is based on analysing the results of a pilot study led by the Royal Hospital for Children NICU in Glasgow, the largest neonatal unit in Scotland, caring for over 800 babies every year. In the same way that secure video messaging benefits the NHS; this paper concludes that there is measurable value in enterprise organisations using video messaging to engage in deeper and more personal ways of communicating with their audiences.
  • How the NHS use video messaging to build stronger emotional connections
  • The Royal Hospital for Children – hear from staff and parents in the neonatal unit
  • How does vCreate ensure secure delivery within a specialist healthcare environment
  • The journey towards developing a customer-obsessed culture
  • Create emotional content that generates a response – hear how Vodafone use personalised video as a way of getting their subject matter experts in front of customers
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