Welsh Technology Company Leading the Way in Healthcare Applications


The brainchild of London Sperm Bank’s digital transformation team, the ‘order a daddy app’ has been launched. Welsh Technology Company addMASS Consulting have developed, what has been hailed as the first app of its kind, which has received global recognition of both the groundbreaking work of the London Sperm Bank and the simplicity of the app.

Using their proprietary software product FAB+, addMASS designed the app bringing together complex data and a great user experience in an accessible format that enhances the experience of IVF couples now and in the future.

The comprehensive software platform also manages all aspects of the clinical process for the fertility clinic which has branches throughout the UK with 2 clinics in South Wales. In addition to the online catalogue and app, FAB+ provides a unique collection of comprehensive modules that collate patient and donor information, manage treatment rooms, set calendar appointments and hold all data securely while allowing it to be accessible from any of the clinics in the UK-wide group providing an efficient and streamlined flow of data.

Bruce Campbell, chairman of addMASS Consulting, said:

“This is a great example of how we can make the data analysis of thousands of complex records a simple and enjoyable task for the end user.”

Bruce went on to say that there was no existing software solution that readily met the client's requirements so addMASS adapted their own proprietary cloud-based solution to get the best results.

“We now have a world-class platform that can be used to address a wide range of real-world issues in medical and commercial environments.”