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Welsh Speakers Choose Suppliers That Provide a Good Welsh Language Service


Research has shown that 82 per cent of Welsh speakers say that they are more inclined to choose a company that provides a good Welsh language service.

In response the Welsh Government has launched a new service to small businesses across Wales who will now be able to access a free of charge Welsh language support service. The new Welsh for Business initiative was launched in Pembrokeshire last week.

Minister for Welsh Language and Lifelong Learning, Eluned Morgan AM, was present at the Welsh in Business, ‘Sense of Place’ business event held in Haverfordwest to launch the national service that will allow small businesses across Wales to benefit from dedicated Welsh for Business officers, based in 12 locations throughout Wales.

The event gave businesses from the area a chance to learn about the service as well an opportunity to hear from Visit Wales and St Davids Kitchen, on the value of ‘sense of place’.

The service is a Welsh Government initiative that forms part of the long-term vision to see a million people speaking and using Welsh by 2050. Welsh for Business officers will offer a wide range of support services including translation of menus, social media messages and promotional materials.

Officers will also work with small businesses that account for 94.9 percent of the total enterprises in Wales, on how to increase their Welsh language customer services, with the aim of improving Welsh language interaction between staff and customers. They can also help businesses by directing them to learning providers that will help improve Welsh language skills, instructing them on how to recruit Welsh speakers and learners, and facilitating an understanding of who their customers are and why the Welsh language is important to them.

Welsh for Business Officers can also offer support on how to market and promote a business among Welsh speakers and advise on local networks that can support businesses. And in a bid to make the Welsh language more visible, they can also provide signage translations, such as welcome, open and closed signs as well as notices informing customers that Welsh is spoken and encouraged by the business.

Any small business hoping to benefit from their local Welsh for Business services can find their officer by heading to