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Welsh set to Splash a Whopping £72 Million on Items they Forget to Pack for their Summer Holiday


The Welsh spend on average six hours and 48 mins packing for their summer holiday but will forget to pack two essentials.

Residents of Wales need to ensure they take extra spending money on their UK summer break this year as two thirds (67%) of holidaymakers will forget to pack two essential items, despite spending nearly a day packing. This absent mindness will result in them spending a collective spend of over £72 million (£72,695,001) on replacing their much needed forgotten items.

Holidaymakers will spend an average £35 replacing items they have left at home which includes items such as: the essential toothbrush, the phone charger which they cannot live without, sunglasses, perfume / aftershave, swimwear, sandals, toiletries, books, toys for the children and the essential sun screen.

These findings have been revealed in a survey out today by Travelodge which surveyed 1,500 adults on their holiday packing habits. This year, 69% of Britons are taking a Staycation and spending on average £874 on a week’s holiday. Collectively Britons will boost the UK economy by £40 billion by holidaying on British shores this summer.

However eight out of ten adults find packing for their holiday very stressful and are not packing efficiently which results in extra holiday spending on essential that they already have at home.

Just a fifth (20%) of the country pack like a pro and use the rolling technique as recommended by experts. Over half of Wales (52%) like to stack their clothes and over a quarter (28%) are ‘flingers’ and throw everything into the case and hope for the best. The table below details the packing style of the Welsh.








Format of Packing







Stack clothes and items starting with the biggest items at the bottom and working up to the smaller items






Throwing everything into the case with no order or folding







Roll clothes and arrange in an orderly manner

Other key findings from the survey revealed that a third of the country’s residents over-pack and return home with up to three unworn outfits and three pairs of shoes that were not suitable for their holiday.

Interestingly we have also become tech travellers and we will take on average three devices and gadgets to use during our holidays. A quarter of the Welsh population also reported that they cannot leave home without packing their favourite tea bags.

The report also revealed people from Wales will spend on average £142 on new purchases for their holiday such as clothing, shoes, accessories, sunglasses or even a gadget.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokesperson said:

“Annually over 18 million people stay with Travelodge and everyday our 567 hotel teams across the UK are helping customers find essentials they have forgotten.  The phone / tablet charger, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver and umbrella are the most popular essential items holidaymakers forget to pack.  Essentials are usually forgotten because we are juggling other jobs whilst we are packing, spreading the process over several days or leaving it till the very last minute.”

To ensure holidaymakers spend money on the fun things during their holidays and not on forgotten items, Travelodge has created its Top Five Packing Tips as detailed below.

Travelodge’s Top Five Packing Tips: 

List It                                                                                       

Save yourself time and effort and make a list of everything that you need for your trip and use this as a check list to review your case. To ease the process, choose one or two colour clothing schemes so that you can easily mix and match. Also plan your outfits before packing.

Roll It

Roll your clothes. This maximises space and minimize wrinkles. Pack heavier items of clothing at the bottom of the case and more delicate items on top.

Section It

Pack your clothing and items in sections so that you see what you have too much of and what you might have missed.

See It

Invest in see through travel bags and group small items together such as toiletries, chargers and beach items so that they are easy to find and all in one place in your case .

Charge It

Invest in one compatible charger for all your devices and take a portable battery pack to ensure you are charged throughout your trip.