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Welsh Seaweed Turning the Tide on Nutrition


Most of us think of seaweed as slimy and smelly – something to throw at your friends on the beach for a laugh. But Swansea-based and women-led company – High Tide Seaweed – want you to think differently.

By 2050, it’s estimated that we’re going to need 70% more food to feed our ever growing population. Therefore, we need to look toward more sustainable food options than our current industrialised food system – that is a massive contributor to the climate crisis. Whilst there is no silver bullet solution, seaweed could provide some answers…

Seaweed is sustainably farmed on a small-scale here in Wales at Câr-Y-Môr ocean farm: taking up carbon as it grows, providing a home for marine life, requiring no freshwater, land space or fertiliser to grow, and growing faster than any land plant. Seaweed is also super nutritious, hosting a wealth of micronutrients needed for a healthy body, and an impressive amino acid profile.

Beth, a nutritionist and Flo, a marine ecologist, have taken the delicious seaweed of Câr-Y-Môr to create a nutritious sustainable snack bar – High Tide Seaweed – profits of which will go back into seaweed farming and marine restoration. High Tide is not just another snack bar. It’s taking action to protect and sustainably manage our ecosystems, leading to a more biodiverse future.

High Tide is currently in development, however you can pre-order bars here, and bars will be available in shops, cafes and climbing centres across South Wales soon, as well as online.

Follow Beth and Flo @high_tide_seaweed for updates.