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Welsh Property Developer Supports Swedish Investors


UK property developer Mandy St John Davey is the keynote speaker to international investors this weekend at a conference held by the Swedish Wealth Institute.

Mandy, who lives in South Wales, has made such a name for herself in the property world she has been called upon to give advice to Swedish business people who are considering investing in Wales.

The Swedish Wealth Institute is a network aimed at helping people to become more successful by introducing them to specialists and experts from all over the world on a range of subjects.

“Mandy was invited as a contact and speaker since she is one of the most respected property investors in the UK, with 17 years’ experience in residential real estate in Wales,” said conference organiser Gisela Wood.

“We view this as a wonderful opportunity for the members of the Swedish Wealth Institute to meet and learn from a true expert in residential real estate and the Welsh real estate market, which will both help Wales gain more international investment and will allow our investors to attract quality returns on their investments.”

Mandy St John who bought her first house for just £8,000 and now owns a multi million pound property portfolio, is thrilled to receive the invitation:

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to inspire and encourage other property investors. I hope my personal journey and experiences working my way up the property ladder will benefit my Swedish audience and encourage them to invest in Wales.”

Mandy will be accompanied by her mentee Katie Johnson, from London as Mandy is also a professional mentor for people who want to have a career in property.

She said:

“I want Katie to enjoy this experience and understand what it’s like to operate at an international level. This will help her own journey and enrich her as she grows her own business.”

Over the last two years, Mandy has become a popular speaker and is currently Chairman of the South Wales branch of Women in Property campaigning to increase the number of women entering the property and construction industries.