Welsh Government Funding Boosts Pure Fibre Zone Rollout


Fibre Infrastructure provider Pure Fibre Zone (PFZ), part of i4 Technology Group, has welcomed increases to the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, recently announced by the Welsh Government.

Welsh Broadband supplier PFZ believes the funding will pave the way for its rapid expansion of pure fibre throughout Wales. The expansion provides residents and businesses with access to fast internet upload and download speeds of at least 100mb per second (Mbps).

The UK Government’s Gigabit broadband vouchers are available to small businesses and surrounding local communities to contribute to the installation costs of a gigabit-capable broadband connection.

Under the new arrangements, the Welsh Government will provide an additional £3,000 for businesses up to a certain size, raising the available grants to £5,500 for group projects in Wales, higher than the £2,500 elsewhere in the UK. The changes also mean residents can apply for up to £800 per residential property in Wales, compared to £500 elsewhere.

Pure Fibre Zone (PFZ) is currently installing a pure fibre zone throughout Colwyn Bay, supplying the Welsh town with pure fibre connections giving internet download and upload speeds of at least 100Mbps. Work commenced in January 2019 to deliver pure fibre to residents and businesses in Colwyn Bay.

Over the next three years PFZ has announced plans to expand the builds throughout Wales and will be working with local authorities that are engaged with the High street Regeneration scheme. It is believed that providing fibre to Welsh High Streets with an overlay of Wi-Fi mesh will make the district centres significantly more attractive to businesses and will increase footfall.

The poor internet speeds experienced throughout Wales, particularly in less-urban areas, have been well documented. The latest Ofcom report revealed that Wales has the lowest average internet speeds in the UK, with an average download speed of just 33.4Mbps, and upload speeds of only 6.2Mbps.

Elfed Thomas, CEO of parent company i4 Technology Group said, 

“Poor internet speeds are hampering vast areas of Wales that have been neglected by the lack of fibre builds. With this increase in support we can now bring areas of Wales up to speed, and provide a broadband infrastructure fit for the future.  We believe that providing fibre infrastructure and Wi-Fi to will make a significant contribution to the regeneration of the High Streets up and down the country.

“We believe the majority of homes and businesses in our target areas are eligible for the Gigabit Broadband voucher scheme. We will be meeting both the Welsh Government and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to ensure that our build timelines secures the funding.”

Each Pure Fibre zone will be connected by pure fibre to the next town. This ‘daisy chain’ approach will enable more communities to realise true pure fibre potential.

Resident and businesses are invited to register their interest online for the pure fibre zones by visiting: www.purefibrezone.co.uk

Pure Fibre Zone is a subsidiary business to British Fibre Networks, which provides pure fibre infrastructure and 5G connectivity to new build homes.