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Welsh Firm Launches a Learning Development Scheme to Bridge Stem Skills Gap


Local engineering consultancy, Jubb, has launched a learning development programme designed to help close the skills gap in Cardiff’s pool of engineering talent. 

The scheme promotes continuous learning for all employees, from graduates to experienced, qualified professionals. All new starters in the last 12 months have joined the programme.

The launch of Learning Pathways comes as skills shortages in the engineering sector continue to sky-rocket with 42%* of firms expecting the problem to worsen in the future.

To engineer a skills shortage solution, Jubb’s Learning Pathways programme focuses on developing a combination of both technical and soft skills. The scheme aims not only to upskill, but to also increase Jubb’s ability to attract and retain talent.

Complementing the programme, Jubb have also appointed several STEM ambassadors (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to provide internal mentoring to junior members of staff.

Kirstie Williams, People and Development Manager at Jubb, says:

“ Learning Pathways is more than just a development programme. Recognising that the industry needs to attract younger generations is just one piece of the puzzle this scheme tackles. We go one step further by using an industry-leading tool called Strengthscope. This enables us to support employees’ wellbeing and help them realise career fulfillment.”

The scheme is also up and running at Jubb’s offices in Bristol, Plymouth and Winchester.

Marcus Tulloch, Head of the Cardiff office, says:

“Building on Jubb’s nature to support its people, this programme will boost STEM skills, which the industry is severely lacking. We are proud to be delivering a scheme that will benefit both our people, our clients and the wider engineering industry.”

Committed to bridging the skills gap, Jubb also have close links with local universities and have been involved in guiding prospective and current engineering students at the University of Cardiff.

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