Welsh Developers Get to Grips with Innovative Healthcare Product


Product design specialists ITERATE has recently collaborated with Welsh healthcare aids manufacturer Ryno, to develop the first innovative healthcare product of their latest range; the Domestic Dexterity Handle.

Based in South Wales, RYNO develop healthcare products that assist everyday living. The first in a line of new products is the Domestic Dexterity Handle; a versatile grip that allows objects such as sweeping brushes, frying pans, umbrellas and wheel barrows to be more easily used by individuals who have fine motor dexterity problems.

The product has been described as a ‘versatile grip’; a product that permits users with fine motor dexterity problems to access and use everyday objects with ease.

Innovative Healthcare Product

Thrilled to be working on such a worthwhile product, ITERATE was tasked with helping get the product to market, seeing the team work closely with the brand to create the universal grip. The challenge was to get the grip performing its main function; being ergonomic and accommodating the existing grip of a wide variety of objects.

Problem solved – Utilising its expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, the ITERATE team solved a variety of problems. Through the use of their in-house FDM (fuse deposition modelling) capability, they created a range of 3D-printed designs; continuing to fly for flag for additive manufacturing. By doing so, they were able to explore and assess each version and their ergonomic benefits. When at the final stages of agreeing on a design for the healthcare product, the team then partook on a journey of user testing, gathering feedback to ensure that an optimal design had been arrived at.

The end result – The final phase of the project saw ITERATE create a 3D CAD model for injection-moulding. ITERATE then selected glass-filled nylon as the production material; mainly due to the fact that the product has lots of different uses, needing to be made of a material that provided high impact and heat resistance. A suite of mould tools were machined in Taiwan so that the finished healthcare product could be manufactured in volume.

Chris Davies, Owner at RYNO Handle, was extremely happy with the outcome.

Talking on his experiences working with ITERATE; he said:

“The team at ITERATE provided a first class service by supporting the development, prototyping and testing of our new healthcare handle”.

Gethin Roberts, Managing Director at ITERATE, was equally as thrilled by the outcomes:

“The Domestic Dexterity Handle is a great example of Welsh product design. During the development cycle, a number of technical challenges were overcome. One of the most significant hurdles was developing the handle so that it was ergonomic and comfortable to hold for the majority of users. This was achieved through extensive prototyping and user testing.”

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