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Welsh Curling Association Say New Ice Rink Will Positively Impact The Economy


The Welsh Curling Association are seeking funding to build a new national curling rink which they say will create new jobs and hugely benefit business and services in the area.

Curling has been on the Winter Olympic roster since 1998. Over the course of those 18 years the sport has grown exponentially across the world and it continues to do so today.

The sport’s growth in Wales is being stunted due to a lack of facilities in the country. Currently, the place where curling takes place in Wales is located at Deeside Leisure Centre in Queensferry. It is one of only two curling venues in the UK outside of Scotland. However, the ice has to be shared with other ice sports, restricting its availability for curling to just one night a week.


A dedicated ice rink for curling would give be a huge plus for everyone in the community and in the sport. The Welsh Curling Association are determined to grow the sport at all levels and believe that an ice rink will not just benefit the growth of the sport.

Curling features in both the Paralympics and Youth Winter Olympic Games, further to this the curling leagues in Wales mix wheelchair, junior and adult curlers, allowing everyone to play on a level playing field. This means that curling is one of the most inclusive sports available and can be enjoyed regardless of physical ability, sex or age.

The Welsh Curling Association will host events on regular basis, attracting people from England, Scotland and further afield who will require accommodation and places to eat and drink. Given this, local hotels, restaurants and bars are expected to benefit greatly. In addition, the labour entailed in building the new rink will create new jobs in the area.


The plan to build a new rink is being backed by the World Curling Federation and Flintshire County Council, who have permitted use of land on Deeside Leisure Centre’s site. However, there are costs which the Welsh Curling Association need to cover and to do so they require the help and public support.

To try and meet their £75,000 target, the welsh curling association have linked up with PledgeSports, a sports crowdfunding platform who support projects like this one and give organisations like the Welsh Curling Association the best opportunity at raising the money they need.

The Welsh Curling Association are offering rewards for those who contribute to their campaign. As a thank you for offering support, there are tokens such as, a website shout-out, a Welsh kit, a week in an apartment in Portugal, corporate advertising throughout the new ice rink, and for £100,000 you can name the ice rink after yourself or your company/business.

To support the Welsh Curling Association in raising money for their new rink and making a positive change to the entire Welsh sporting landscape and economy, please follow the link to their crowdfunding campaign: