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Welsh Cognitive Behaviour Specialists Tackle Cyber Bullying


Humans can be immeasurably cruel and especially so in childhood. 56% of young people said they have seen others be bullied online and 42% have felt unsafe online. Cyber bullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it can go viral very fast.

Based in offices just outside Cardiff, the Cognitive Centre are specialists in providing consultancy, training and support to organisations that wish to develop and improve their ability to work effectively with people. Their clients include agencies working with vulnerable children, also mental health, counselling, and human resource professionals in clinical, managed care, forensic, education, and corporate organisations.

cyber-bullying-imageIn November they are highlighting the dangers of Cyber Bullying and hosting a one-day conference in Nottingham to raise awareness of the issues, specifically for those responsible for the care of children and young people.

Robin Morris Jones, director of the Cognitive Centre and recognised expert in cognitive behavioural interventions said  

“Our aim is to ensure parents, teachers and those responsible for the care of children and young people are aware of the risks involved with unlimited access to social media. We risk endangering our young people when we do not address this increasingly urgent issue. Understanding and identifying the boundaries between online bullying, abuse and criminal behaviour is vital.”

The conference features professional speakers from a wide range of academic, regulatory and charitable bodies including Childnet International, the Diana Award and Cardiff based charity Bullies Out.

Linda James MBE Founder and CEO of Bullies Out said

“Bullies exploit the difference between individuals and target those who seem to be outside the ‘norm’. Our children have more access and spend more time on social media, thus experience increasing exposure to bullies, trolls, and stalkers. We are pleased to support this conference and James Davies, “Bullies Out” plus Young Ambassador will be talking about the challenges young people are facing”

Timed for the run up to National Anti Bullying Week 14 – 18 November the event marks a major milestone for The Cognitive Centre, whose previous conferences, focusing primarily on domestic abuse and ‘Working with ‘difficult’ individuals” have all been based in London and Manchester. Wendy Cooper from the Cognitive Centre said “Our ultimate aim is to hold our conferences in Cardiff and bring people to Wales, rather than elsewhere.  We have chosen Nottingham for this conference as we are currently working with Derbyshire Constabulary’s Digital PCSO and its Cyber Crime hub.  Future conferences are planned for Cardiff with the benefits of its wide choice of venues, hotels, access and is internationally recognised as a superb destination”.

Visit for more information on the conference.

Also the work of Bullies Out can be seen here