Welsh Capital to Host Conference About Serverless Technologies


Mobilise Cloud and Serverless Events has announced it will be launching Serverless Days, a developer-oriented conference about serverless technologies, for the second year running after the success of last year’s event.

Last year's event saw high-profile speakers from across the globe evangelise and inform attendees about the benefits of Serverless computing. Interest in Serverless computing has grown over the last few months and as a result the team anticipates the event to be larger, with more people, a bigger venue, more space for sponsors and the addition of workshop days the day before/after.

The event encourages practical sessions, in which developers share their experience and lessons from real-world projects and is part of ServerlessDays: a global series of events around the world fostering communities centred on serverless technologies.

The main event will once again be a single day, single track and fully catered. There will also be optional workshops that will run either side of the conference.

Tickets are available on the Serverless Days Cardiff website.

Event organiser Matt Lewis said:

“We are looking to build on last year's  sell-out event and create something that is bigger and better”.  James Carnie added, “The event will once again educate and inform on Serverless technologies and deliver great value for attendees and exhibitors alike”.

After a successful event last year, Mobilise Cloud has decided to move the venue to accommodate a larger crowd and increased demands from event sponsors and partners; Serverless days will now be held at the brand new DEPOT event space in Cardiff which will open in 2020.