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Welsh Businesses – ‘What do you Wish you had Thought Of?’ #WishIThoughtOf


Tell the world what great business ideas you wish you’d thought of as part of Grant Thorntons #WishIThoughtOf social media campaign.

Following the launch of their 100 Faces, as part of their vibrant economy strategy, Grant Thornton UK's CEO, Sacha Romanovitch asked: “What if we can inspire people to think about the real challenges that need solving and come up with the ideas that really make a difference?”.

Grant Thornton’s 100 Faces are already answering this question by doing business in ways that are driving results and making a positive impact on society. Through a combination of passion and purpose, each is proving you can do well by doing good. Wales’ own Debra Barber of Cardiff Airport, Kevin Crofton of SPTS and Peter Brewin and Will Crawford of Concrete Canvas are all great examples of our own regional success.

To highlight some of the ideas the Faces have put into practice and to hear about other innovations that have had a lasting effect on the world around us, Grant Thornton have launched a social media campaign #WishIThoughtOf that encourages people to share great business ideas that have inspired them.

The campaign kicked off with a recent BuzzFeed article and now Welsh businesses are being encouraged by Grant Thornton Cardiff Office to get behind the campaign on Twitter by telling the world about the ideas they wish they had initiated.

If you need some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, then look here. A HIV self-test that gives you an answer in just 15 minutes. A bank that only funds projects with the potential to benefit society. Crisps that are healthy and keep you coming back for more. These are some of the smart and sustainable things this year’s Faces of a Vibrant Economy are doing to change our world for the better.

Now over to you… #WishIThoughtOf