Welsh Businesses Encouraged to Invest in .cymru and .wales Domains


The .cymru and .wales domains create a real opportunity to showcase your Welsh credentials and heritage. It is perfect if you are looking to target the Welsh market, increase awareness of your business and share your passion for Wales.

Previous research shows that 70% of Welsh consumers and 59% of Welsh businesses believe Wales benefits by having its own domain space, and that they have a strong preference for either .cymru or .wales over many available alternatives.

Many of Wales’ favourite brands are already using a .cymru and .wales for their website and email address, such as FAW, Fabulous Welshcakes and the WRU.

As FAW’s Ian Gwyn Hughes says, the new domains give them an identity different to the one they’ve had before. It works for anyone who wants to show they’re from somewhere different and are proud of being Welsh.

“When you think of the fact we’ve qualified for the European Championships now, there are 24 countries, including ourselves, so it gives us a massive reach. People can see we’re not just a small part of England, we are our own identity and I think it extends the appeal of Wales and Welshness and shows that we are a modern vibrant country. As an association, we would recommend it to anyone.”

Fabulous Welshcakes is thriving, with a shop in Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay, a website and plans to expand the kitchen and introduce a second shop. As part of this expansion, Jo invested in both .wales and .cymru domains.

She explains:

“Our online presence is vital to the success of our business, particularly for corporate and wedding customers, who want to feel reassured about our capabilities. Adding .cymru and .wales is another way to demonstrate our professionalism and should attract more people to the site, at a time when we’re looking to grow.

And, of course, we take great pride in our iconic Welsh product so it is fantastic to be able to showcase our identity through our new domain names. We haven’t yet created a Welsh language site, but the .cymru domain is certainly a further step in the right direction for our most patriotic customers.”

Rhodri Lewis, WRU’s Head of Legal Affairs says:

“We decided to register a .wales domain name because we thought it was great for the brand, great for our identity as a business based in Wales.”

“Having a strong online presence is critical to what we do with so much going through social media and digital communication and our website is really our main connection sometimes with the people who come to the stadium who wish to engage with rugby in Wales.

“We found it’s a great thing for Wales and for us as brand with our international reach and hopefully we can also sell Wales when we’re welcoming people to the country.”

The great Wales domain name sale finishes soon. Until 30th November 2018 you can register a .cymru or .wales domain name for as little as £1 from selected participating registrars.