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17 April 2023

Welsh Architects Receive Planning Permission for London’s Latest Vertical Urban Village

A new high-rise residential building consisting of 795 co-living studios and private amenity space with associated support facilities will become part of a tall building cluster along Marsh Wall, London and provide an opportunity for a thriving new community.

Located on a site occupied by a three-storey office building, the location in South Quay in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets will offer an innovative and contemporary living solution catering to the lifestyles of urban professionals.

With the rising popularity of co-living in the UK, Rio is proud to leverage its expertise and innovation in designing spaces that foster a sense of community and is centred on cultivating a sense of belonging,

Co-living enables a balanced and varied lifestyle that is easily accessible and affordable, with benefits such as cost and time savings, including increased psychological well-being. The offering includes residents' lounges, gyms and wellness centres, curated residents' events, and co-working spaces to cater for the increasing trend of working from home. It is an innovative, contemporary living solution that combines the components of traditional house shares with additional amenities.

Rio’s design promotes a real sense of community within this large-scale building by creating vertical urban villages that consist of communal areas for sub-communities of 57 people across 3 floors. As a Welsh architectural practice, Rio is proud to bring a unique perspective to the London built environment.

The concept of the 3-floor KLD (Kitchen Living Dining) space in each urban village inspires a vertically connected communal area allowing residents to connect during daily life.

Developer Olympian Homes will provide high-quality, affordable housing in a desirable location overlooking the Canary Wharf business district.

The proposals are an elegant, high-quality residential solution that will positively contribute to not only the local area and emerging tall building cluster within the immediate surrounding of the site but also the wider context of Canary Wharf and Millwall.

The façade design will deliver elegant, well-mannered architecture, reflecting simplicity of design and form, and is expressed as a regular grid articulated by a strong vertical emphasis with horizontal elements delineating the various internal functions.

With a focus on providing exceptional internal connectivity between each communal space, the proposals deliver a recognisable landmark building for Canary Wharf and promote a sense of community.

“We are delighted to have secured planning approval for our client Olympian Homes. This innovative scheme will provide a range of benefits to residents and the wider community, including an enhanced public realm, greater permeability through the site with active frontages accessible by the public and fantastic modern living accommodation with superb communal areas.

This unique form of housing blends the best aspects of traditional flat/house shares and solo living, allowing residents the flexibility and privacy of their own space while also being part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals to share experiences with right outside their door. We are proud to bring this exciting new development to life and look forward to seeing it thrive.” Shirley Hamill, Associate Director | Architect | Scotland Lead


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