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National Apprenticeship Week – We are What we Train in Wales


With an apprenticeship training pedigree of more than 50 years, FSG Tool and Die seemed the natural choice when it came to discussing the value of apprenticeships as we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week.

The Llantrisant-based company designs and manufactures products used in a range of sectors including automotive and recognised early on that it needed to train its own toolmakers if it wanted to continue its growth.

Since introducing its apprenticeship programme to address the local skills gap, FSG Tool and Die has trained more than 100 apprentices, many of whom make up its current management team.

Gareth Jenkins, Managing Director, said:

“We wanted to create a long term sustainable business model that would add value not only to our customers, but to the local economy.

“Although we did not initially anticipate just how successful the programme would be, it is great to receive external validation of the continued efforts of the people inside the business who deliver this essential training.”

With people development defined as a core value, FSG Tool and Die also intends to send a clear message to new recruits about the type of company which they will be joining.

Mr Jenkins added:

“When you are privileged to be involved in a business over a long period of time like myself, it makes you incredibly proud and satisfied to see the growth and value demonstrated by the people in the business every day.

“The FSG Tool and Die apprenticeship programme continues to be a fantastic boost for us all and I hope that we will be able to keep it going for another five plus decades.”

FSG Tool and Die currently predicts growth of around 10% per year with exports making up around half of its circa £8 million turnover.

“There will always be challenges out there whether it is supply chain, legislation or procurement,” said Mr Jenkins. “By having a clear people and clustering strategy, we are confident that we can continue our growth and add value to our customers and their customers across the globe.”

In advising other companies looking to introduce an apprenticeship training programme Mr Jenkins says:

“Every business needs to take a stake in its own sustainability. You cannot rely on other people to train what you need for the future. As in any crisis ‘grow your own’ so you are in control.”