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Wales Tourism Consultant Wins Multiple Industry Awards in 2020 -2021


Over the past 12 months, Professor Terry Stevens, Founder and MD of the internationally renowned, Wales-based, tourism consultancy Stevens & Associates, has received a number of international awards in recognition of his work supporting the recovery and re-imagining of the tourism industry.

In 2020 he became the LUXLife Tourism Destination Management Development Expert of the Year and received the highest award for his contribution to tourism in Slovenia from the Slovenian Tourist Board. Now, in 2021 he has just been awarded the LUXLife Tourism Expert of the Year Award and the A-i publishing’s 6th Annual Hospitality Award for Leading International Tourism Consultant of the Year.

LUXlife launched their Resorts & Retreats Awards almost a decade ago to recognise those who have dedicated themselves to offering the finest experiences, products, and services all over the globe. The company seeks out the paragons who lead the pack and set the pace for all others to follow.

Awards Coordinator Holly Morris commented on the extraordinary achievements of those recognised:

“The importance of the hospitality industry cannot be overstated, with establishments of all shapes and sizes and in all locations creating exquisite memories for people all over the world. With this, I offer my sincere congratulations to all of those recognised.” (

For the Slovenian Tourist Board, Director Maja Pak, said

“This award is given to a person who is especially responsible for the growth of reputation and recognition of Slovenia as an excellent tourist destination. Terry has made a significant contribution to the development and promotion of tourism in our country over the years.”

In addition, during the pandemic, Terry has published several books and contributed to two other important publications of the future of tourism.

His own books have included Wish You Were Here: the stories behind 50 of the world’s great destinations (published in 2020 by GRAFFEG in Cardiff) with Wish You Were Here in Europe being published in October 2021 (also by GRAFFEG)

He contributed chapters for Tourism Facing the Pandemic (by the University of Bergamo in Italy in 2020) and Tourism for Development (published by CABI in 2020).

Over the past 18 months, Stevens & Associates have worked on strategic tourism projects in New Zealand, Ireland, Croatia, Slovenia, Ireland, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

Terry, who has worked in the tourism sector for over 45 years has contributed to tourism development in 55 countries around the world.

He says,

“I am honoured to have received these awards but feel humbled that, at a time when the industry globally has been devasted with so many losing their livelihood and businesses, people have taken time to thank me for my small contribution to helping them in these unprecedented times.”

He is currently part of the organising committee of the UN World Tourism Organisation and Catalan Tourist Board’s World Sports Tourism Congress to be held in Catalonia in November 2021, he is Trustee of the Coker and Sail Heritage Trust in Somerset and has just been appointed to serve on the Earth Check Research Institute for Sustainable Development.