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Wales’ New Car Industry


In recent months, Wales’ has trumpeted the arrival of new car makers, jobs and industry. The queues for new jobs at a recruitment event for Aston Martin stretch out the door. A spirit of optimism prevailed in the first quarter of 2016 and business in Wales appeared to be on the front foot. Yet before the ink has dried on the newsprint of this great news, Tata’s shock announcement has sent seismic waves through Welsh Industry.

The scale of job losses across Tata’s sites has the potential to devastate families, communities and cause untold misery. But in this highly emotive debate about the future of Tata and with the rush to defend jobs at Tata it is important that we do not lose sight of the opportunities present in the greening of Welsh Industry.

Professor Garel Rhys writes in the Western Mail, 31/03/2016, that Wales’ burgeoning automotive sector could be threatened by the closure of Port Talbot’s steel industry. He goes on to say that the Government’s interest in green policies has sacrificed the UK Steel industry.