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Wales must get 100% of its Energy from Renewable Sources


Wales should also aim to meet all of its energy needs from renewable sources and, in the context of the need to reduce carbon emissions by at least 80 per cent by 2050, set a target date for achieving this, says a National Assembly for Wales committee.Locally and community produced energy should be a central part of Wales's future energy plans according to the Committee.

The Environment and Sustainability Committee also wants to see annual targets set to reduce energy demand and help people to use it more effectively. The recommendations are contained in a new report, A Smarter Energy Future for Wales, which looks at issues including low carbon energy supply, energy demand management, and energy storage.

The Committee wants to see building regulations urgently revised to ensure that all new houses are built to ‘near zero' energy standards. It also believes the Welsh Government should explore linking the cost of stamp duty land tax to the energy performance of a house to start to increase the value of energy efficient homes. This could be looked at under new revenue-raising powers set to be devolved to Wales.