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Wales’ Main Rail Operator Arriva Trains Wales Adopt the .Wales Domain Name


When nearly 70% of your customer base depend on your website to find out the latest train times, prices and travel information, ensuring that the domain your using fits the bill is essential, so acquiring the perfect domain was an absolute priority for Arriva Trains Wales.

With the launch of their new web addresses, and, Arriva Trains Wales hopes to make the experience of accessing and using their website as engaging and straightforward as possible for customers.

“With over two thirds of our audience using our website each time they travel with us and 20% of those going on to buy their train tickets through a website, the .wales and .cymru domains make so much more sense for us to use than the previous address. As Wales’ main rail operator, why wouldn’t we have Wales’ main domain names?” says Paul Tapley, Head of Marketing at Arriva Trains Wales.

“Firstly, we registered but thought that could be confusing so we then needed to procure the domain. We’d definitely stress the importance of securing the right domains for your organisation and even urge businesses in Wales to just think about the variations that fit their brand and to acquire the vast majority of them, even if it’s just a precautionary measure.

“There will be a point in time where it will be absolutely natural for people to search for .wales or .cymru first and I hope the domains become a quality mark for Welsh products, services and businesses, helping them to stand out amongst the old’s and the .com’s.”