Showcasing the Best of Welsh Business

Wales’ Businesses Reveal Why They Love Working and Trading in Wales


Wales’ is home to many flourishing businesses in both the private and public sectors. As a passionate nation and it being Valentine’s day today, Business New Wales is asking Wales businesses’ what they love most about being part of Wales’ business network.

bnw-sdieGrant Thornton

Alistair Wardell | Lead Partner

Passion is a given trait for any successful business owner and in my experience of working with Welsh business owners this is enhanced by entrepreneurs who epitomise our country’s distinctive identity and its degree of autonomy. Last year Ken Skates talked of Wales being an open, responsive and business friendly country; I believe he can say this with confidence, as these behaviours are innate in the DNA of many business owners across Wales. I am fortunate that my role within Grant Thornton involves engaging with such individuals and this makes for an interesting, exciting and fulfilling work schedule that I highly value. I understand how operating in the prosperous south-east may appear attractive but there is much to be said for connecting with leadership teams who evidence determination, courage and desire to succeed. Coupled with the right intelligence and a robust financial strategy Wales holds its own amongst the great and good of commercial success stories and I welcome being involved.

Predictions / tips for businesses wanting to grow in Wales:

My three top tips come from clients I have had the pleasure of working with so I cannot take the credit.

  1. Take time to make the right investor connections
  2. Surround yourself with the right team and create time for them to work on the business not just in the business
  3. Think big and think beyond our borders


douglas-haig-rla-13-feb-158x120Residential Landlords Association (RLA)

Douglas Haig | Vice Chairman

We are incredibly fortunate being based in Cardiff. We have access to a huge talent pool both in terms of graduates and also skilled labour from within the city and surrounding areas. There are a number of training organisations and initiatives to encourage the development of individuals to upskill themselves and the quality of life you get in the city means that it attracts smart and dedicated people.

Predictions / tips for businesses wanting to grow in Wales:

  1. Understand your figures, it’s tempting to leave your finances to the last minute but knowing them on a daily basis will mean you make better decisions.
  2. Have an idea, try it, improve it.  Don’t get stuck in a rut and let others innovate around you.
  3. Invest in your staff, both in terms of your time and upskilling them, it increases retention and motivation in a team.
  4. Make your own mind up on Brexit.  Nobody knows what is going to happen yet, don’t be paralysed by it just make sensible decisions.


bnw-msGreenaway Scott

Matthew Sutton | Corporate Director

Wales is a great place to do business because of the strong business network, increasing investment into ambitious SMEs and increasing links between Wales and London. Technology and life science start-ups are drawn here because of the support and investment available. Greenaway Scott has close links with the universities in Wales so it was a natural step to open an office at Swansea University’s School of Management. We have advised on several spinouts and have developed a specialism in the life sciences and technology sectors.

Predictions / tips for businesses wanting to grow in Wales:

Choose the right location, have a strong business plan and ensure you have the right support to achieve your goals.  Greenaway Scott offers a retainer service whereby clients benefit from a fixed legal spend per month with legal support on hand when they need it.


azBowden Jones

Jonathan Gillet | Marketing Executive

Welsh business is thriving with a record number of enterprises being started year on year. That in itself is massively impressive, but what makes working in Wales so appealing to me personally? In my opinion there is no better place to live and work. What really strikes me is the passion, dedication and enthusiasm of employers, employees and competitors alike. Additionally, the atmosphere amongst individuals and firms competing for the same business is one of comradery, of which we can be really proud.  Furthermore, businesses have found a way of working together to complement each other. There are so many fantastic initiatives, such as the Legal Wales Network and many other worthwhile networking schemes.

Predictions / tips for businesses wanting to grow in Wales:

My one tip for a new start-up in Wales would be to work as hard as you possibly can, and surround yourself with good, honest people whom you can trust.  The rest will take care of itself.



Alex Parr | Managing Director

Me personally, I value three things the most about our language company Wolfestone being based in Swansea. Firstly, the support from the local government is excellent, with plenty of staff on the ground to advise and help grow your business. Secondly, local networking in the area is warm and supportive and reciprocal help is high on the agenda. Last but not least, the pool of employee’s is of a very high standard due to the number of students we have in the Swansea region and their desire to succeed and reach the top of their profession.

Predictions / tips for businesses wanting to grow in Wales:

I would recommend for businesses wanting to grow in Wales that they create good working links with the universities as they offer several internship programmes which allow you to test future staff without the high costs associated with recruitment. I would also recommend that businesses research the funding options that are available and use the expertise offered by groups such as UKTI, Welsh Government and Jobs Growth Wales.


markBusiness News Wales

Mark Powney | Managing Director

I am passionate about Welsh business and believe the potential here is huge. Business News Wales is centrally based in Cardiff but we work with companies all over wales delivering positive business news to our readers. As well as  balanced healthy competition, the connection amongst people in Wales is strong. I love the fact the Government is supporting the development of the Welsh language and we are proud to soon be providing this service, which is a niche offering over other countries in the UK. Wales is fast becoming recognised a serious business hub outside of London and is developing links with other major cities in the UK.

Predictions / tips for businesses wanting to grow in Wales:

Develop relationships that you can reply on and develop them. Working together with other people creates a stronger network for Welsh Business. Get out and about and meet people. – social media and online interaction is fast and efficient, but sometimes it pays to shake someone’s hand and put a face to a name. Finally, I would recommend setting realistic budgets, be ambitious but be cautions. There is help and advice available through Government initiatives such as Finance Wales.


bnw-alRecruitment Solutions Wales

Ryland Kenvyn | Sales Director

Wales and in particular South Wales is a fantastic location for business and is fast becoming a thriving hub for relocations amongst many companies and industries. Lower business, commercial, housing and rental costs compared to many other areas of the UK certainly helps as does the convenient road, rail and shipping networks that make trade easier and cost effective.

Working in the recruitment sector there are a wide range of individuals offering their qualifications, skills and experience to potential employers which is also assisted by the Universities/Colleges offering a wide range of courses. As there is such a broad range of differing industry sectors operating in the area it makes for a challenging and versatile market to recruit within. By working with employers and promoting new and exciting vacancies in Wales we hopefully in some small way contribute to the attraction for both businesses and potential employees.