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Wales a Shining Light in Environmental Leadership


Keith Jones, Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Director Wales Cymru speaks on his delight on the Welsh Parliament’s lead in endeavouring to tackle climate change.

The Well Being of Future Generations Act 2015, unique to Wales, is a wonderful example of the leadership and commitment to Climate Change, Carbon Zero and indeed as the name implies, Future Generations.  It offers a huge opportunity to make a long-lasting, positive change to current and future generations, a theme borne out by Rachel Skinner, the ICE President’s topic – Shaping Zero – as she addressed and discussed climate change with ICE Wales Cymru members over four special events during her virtual visit to Wales on 11 June and 1 July 2021.

Business News Wales was able to speak with Keith Jones, the Director for ICE Wales Cymru, who explains his division’s commitment to Net Zero and what they are doing to ensure that the future engineers can shape these ambitions at ICE Wales Cymru:

ICE Wales Cymru Director said:

“In a UK context, Wales is held up as a great example of sustainability which is built into its policy and strategy. We are all very proud of the leadership taken and have offered to assist the Welsh Government.”

Keith Jones added: 

“Following from the Welsh Government elections a ‘Super Ministry’ has been created led by the Minister for Climate Change, Julie James MS together with a Deputy Minister for Climate Change – Lee Waters MS. This Ministry is another example of leadership these vital areas.”

During Rachel Skinner’s Presidential Address attendees were encouraged to take ownership and acknowledge the hard links between what civil engineers do and climate change – with the shocking statistic quoted that 70% of world CO2 emissions relate to infrastructure.

Two apprentices already taking action are Liam Stuckey and Dominic Henson, who presented their ideas to reduce carbon emissions directly to the President as they compete for the ICE Wales Cymru Apprentice of the Year Award.