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How Volvo’s Sensus Technology Can Support Your Business


Living in a connected world, it only makes sense that our vehicles reflect our modern needs, with technology now readily available to make our lives easier when on the road.

As one of the manufacturing industry's technology giants, Volvo are becoming famous for their in-car features; an aspect of the brand's innovation that professionals are keen to explore.

Sensus Connect   

Sensus Connect is Volvo's infotainment system which can provide you with information, entertainment and functions to make your ownership easier. Coming with a host of features and functionalities, the system is proving to support professionals in their day-to-day lives; being one of the many reasons more and more Welsh businesspeople are investing in Volvos.

In the official press release for this new technology, Volvo stated: 

“Our way of connecting you with your Volvo and the world around you is Sensus – intelligent technology that enhances every journey and makes life easier, whether you’re in your car or not. Sensus is intuitive and makes your Volvo a part of your digital, connected world. Each feature is thoughtfully designed, allowing you to control and personalise every aspect of the drive, because we want you to love your car as much on the inside as you do on the out.”

Technology at your command 

In the world of business, the need to answer emails, make phone calls, check your diary and navigate yourself to meetings can be a problem, especially when out on the road. Understanding these frustrations, Volvo have worked hard to create solutions for busy workers.

With easy-to-read high-definition touch screens, steering wheel and voice controls that respond to your command and head-up displays that provide visual information while allowing you to keep your eyes on the road, Sensus puts the latest technology at the fingertips of its drivers. It opens up a new dimension of information, entertainment and connectivity. As well as being there to help you, it’s also there to entertain, with state-of-the-art audio systems that deliver the finest in sound.

Volvo provides a wide selection of services, apps and programs that you can use in your car. Here, we've provided you with an overview of the apps that are also available.


Sensus Connect gives you access to apps for entertainment, navigation and service in the car. Below are just a few:

  • Spotify -You can use the Spotify app in your Volvo to listen to music whenever you want, provided that the car has an Internet connection.
  • TuneIn – TuneIn is an Internet radio service which can be used in cars equipped with Sensus Connect. TuneIn offers more than 100,000 global live radio stations from all continents and has more than two million on-demand programmes (e.g. podcasts, shows and interviews).
  • Record & Send – Record & Send is an in-car app that allows you to record personal voice messages and send them to a selected recipient.
  • Local Search – Using the Google Local Search app you can search for restaurants, hotels and petrol stations whilst on the move in Volvo's centre display.
  • Send to Car – Send to Car is a free-of-charge service which allows you to send map destinations to the navigation system in your car. You can send destinations either from your browser at home or via the Volvo On Call app.
  • Weather – The Weather app provides you with weather information in the car's local area or in a selected location. Weather can only be used if the car is equipped with Sensus Navigation.
  • Yelp – You can use the Yelp app to find local companies (e.g. restaurants or shops) and can read other users' ratings and reviews of companies near to you. Yelp can only be used if the car is fitted with both Sensus Connect and Sensus Navigation.
  • Park and Pay – Park and Pay is an app that can help you find vacant parking spaces. In some cases, you can also pay for your parking via the app. Park and Pay can be used if the car is equipped with Sensus Connect and Sensus Navigation.
  • WikiLocations – Using the WikiLocations app, you can read Wikipedia articles that are related to your car's position and destination.

Here at Volvo Cars Cardiff, we are stocking a large fleet of vehicles created with the above features. If you wish to learn more about investing in a forward-thinking business car of this nature, contact us today.