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Welsh Universtity at the Forefront of Cyber Crime


USW at the Forefront of Cyber Crime Battle

The University of South Wales (USW) has become part of a Europe-wide project to train the next generation of computer security experts. With cybercrime estimated by McAfee to cost the global economy some $400bn per year, USW’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science has become part of ICT security partnership DECAMP (Open Distributed European Virtual Campus on ICT Security), which was developed last year to deal with a lack of ICT security experts in Europe.

Different aspects of the sector are being addressed at six universities across the continent – USW will focus on applied forensics, Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) will work on network management and computer networks, Padua University in Italy will focus on wireless networking, eHealth systems will be the specialty of Bucharest University, web applications will be taught by Helsinki University, and Cantabria, Spain, will focus on cloud networking.