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Update on Rhyl Sun Centre


Denbighshire County Council has issued an update on the proposal for the Rhyl Sun Centre, as part of the wider redevelopment of the promenade.

Rebecca Maxwell, corporate director at Denbighshire County Council said:

“As part of the agreed plans to redevelop the promenade and boost opportunities for a sustainable tourism economy in future years, plans to demolish Rhyl’s Sun Centre and remodel the Pavilion Theatre’s exterior have been submitted. The proposed work has been considered alongside emerging proposals for the Hospitality Zone of the Rhyl Waterfront regeneration scheme in mind.

“Developments and improvements to the promenade aim to not only benefit Rhyl’s economy through increased footfall from visitors but, importantly, also from Rhyl, Denbighshire and wider North Wales residents to ensure they know exactly what our town has to offer.

“While we are aware that many hold feelings of nostalgia towards the Sun Centre, the building as it exists today costs the council thousands of pounds every year to maintain – money we feel would be better invested in the area’s future.

“Work on the Cultural & Hospitality Zone of Rhyl’s modernised waterfront will mark the next phase of regeneration in Rhyl and if plans are approved, work will start on site as soon as July.

“The recent £3.5million funding received through the Welsh Government’s Vibrant and Viable places scheme has allowed us to accelerate work on many elements of the scheme. Rhyl’s new waterfront development will include an Aquatic Centre to replace the former Sun Centre and we will be announcing further updates about this development in the next few weeks.

“There are fond memories associated with the Sun Centre, but it is now time to move forward with a promenade which best serves the residents and visitors of Rhyl both now and in the future.”