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Understanding Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology


CoInnovateCS is a virtual event to collaborate with experts from organisations including Lumentum, Qualcomm, II-VI, Sanan IC on 8th, 9th & 10th June 2021.

Following on from the success of the inaugural event in 2019, CoInnovateCS 2021 has been developed as an online 3-day compact agenda with each day focusing on a separate theme for maximum interactivity and engagement.

This year’s themes are:

  • Sensing technology that connects the world. Vehicles, street lights, wearables, wind turbines, and a seemingly infinite number of other devices are embedded with sensors, connecting us to everything, everywhere. The 3D sensing, LiDAR, Extended Reality technologies behind our connected world are driven by Compound semiconductors.
  • Connectivity in the always-on world of today. Compound semiconductor technologies are at the heart of the wireless systems, telecom and datacom networks, and the datacenters we rely on to work, to stay informed, to be entertained.
  • Power technologies and energy consumption. Our insatiable need for data requires high efficiency components, powered by compound semiconductors materials, to meet demand whilst optimising energy consumption.

Chris Meadows, Director of CSconnected, said:

“CoInnovateCS is a unique opportunity to connect and discuss the key challenges facing the compound semiconductor industry through collaborative innovation as new markets emerge. The event will be enriched this year with a digital platform that will bring together an even larger and diverse audience. We are looking forward to another successful event packed with inspirational talks and engaging panel sessions.”

David Cheskis, Chair of CoInnovateCS, said:

“I am thrilled to chair this year’s CoInnovateCS once again. CoInnovateCS is more than a technical conference or a keynote speech: it is an opportunity to discuss the key challenges facing the compound semiconductor industry as market requirements evolve. We have great speakers lined up across the sensing, connectivity and power themes, and a unique format that allows everyone to participate in the conversations.

CoInnovateCS 2021 is an annual event co-located with CS ManTech, International Conference on Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology. It will run as a virtual event on 8th, 9th & 10th June 2021 with free registrations now available on the CoInnovateCS website