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What UK Startups Need to Know About Exporting


Exporting can be an amazing opportunity for your business, opening up new markets and broadening horizons. It can be daunting to get started, but there’s never been more support to get on your way, if you know where to find it. From workshops, sessions with advisors, webinars and opportunities, the stepping stones are there to get businesses going global.

Philip Salter is the director of The Entrepreneurs Network, a partner of UKTI’s initiative Exporting is GREAT. Here’s his view on what opportunities exporting holds for UK businesses, why we’re one of the best-placed countries to become a nation of exporters, and how small businesses and startups can access the support available to get them exporting.

First, the bad news. For a traditionally great trading nation, these days Britain punches below its weight when it comes to exporting. UK exports of goods and services were only £515bn in 2015 (despite ambitions to export £1 trillion by 2020), with a lower percentage of British businesses exporting than our competitors in France, Germany or Italy. And those that do sell less, and are more likely to give up.