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Trial Run for Tirgwynt Turbine Deliveries set for June 30th


Awel Newydd Cyf, the developers of Tirgwynt wind farm between Carno and Cefn Coch, have announced that a trial run for delivering the turbine components to the site will take place on Thursday June 30th.

A convoy consisting of two Abnormal Load simulation vehicles with a full police escort will start from Goole in Yorkshire, travelling along major trunk roads. It will enter mid-Wales at Pant, travelling south along the A483 to Welshpool, then following the A458 and B4385 to the site entrance just beyond Cefn Coch. Awel Newydd has been in discussion with the police forces involved as well as the Highway authorities to ensure that the safety of road users is maintained and disruption is minimised.

The convoy is expected to leave Wrexham at around 11 am and pass through Welshpool Town Centre shortly after 12 noon, depending on traffic conditions on the day. There should be no need for additional parking restrictions to be imposed in Welshpool due to street works which the developers are carrying out in the town.

Andy Black, Director, Awel Newydd Cyf, said:

“In preparation for the turbine deliveries we’ve completed a detailed analysis of the route and undertaken various permanent road works to facilitate the safe delivery of the wind turbine components. This has included highway widening works and new passing places which will also benefit local residents and improve the roads for other large vehicles such as tractors, horse boxes and caravans in the future. The convoys will have a full police escort, which is funded by us, to ensure the safety of all road users.

“Our hauliers have extensive experience, having made over 3000 similar turbine deliveries throughout the UK. We expect things to run smoothly on the day and cause minimal disruption. The test run to Tirgwynt is the final stage of proving the route following completion of the road works and to ensure everyone involved is familiar with it before the deliveries to the wind farm begin towards the end of July.”

The access route has been agreed as part of the planning consent for the wind farm and conforms with the Strategic Traffic Management Plan for mid-Wales. Awel Newydd Cyf has upgraded and improved some of the local roads to increase the number of passing places to facilitate the journey. The delivery vehicles can travel in line with the national speed limits for vehicles of their size, although they will be slower when negotiating junctions, and their speed will be controlled by the police escorting team.

The actual turbine deliveries are due to begin on July 25th. A project specific website has been set up which will be kept updated with the latest information.