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Treforest Brewery Develops World’s First Multi Measurement Welsh Language Pint Glass


In partnership with Welsh in Business, local brewery Bragdy Twt Lol has developed the world’s first Welsh language pint glass to be approved by the Government.

Also known as the Trefforest Brewery, Bragdy Twt Lol has been negotiating with HMRC Trading Standards in the UK and in Wales to secure permission to have the first ever Welsh language lined ‘peint’ glass. The glass has lines designating ‘peint’, ‘1/2 peint’ and ‘1/3 peint’ along with the English translations.

Having succeeded after months of negotiations, the newly designed glass will be debuted at ♯Lolffest4: the brewery’s annual festival.

Following on from the success of their last open event earlier in the year and to celebrate their third anniversary, Brewery Director Phil Thomas is eager to promote the bilingual glasses as well as the original beer that is brewed at the site. Established three years ago, the ♯Lolffest event has gone from strength to strength, and guests will have the opportunity to drink to the health of the brewery from the newly designed Welsh pint glasses.

Welsh in Business Officer, Rhys Thomas, says:

‘What Phil has achieved here is a world first and another historic moment in the history of the Welsh Language.  Through his dedication and love for the language it is now possible for other breweries, pubs and clubs to take advantage of his hard work and use these bilingual measurements on their glasses’

Bragdy Twt Lol, also known as The Trefforest Brewery is holding its fourth beer festival on Friday and Saturday, August 17 and 18, from 12 midday until 10pm, called #Lolffest4.

For more information see: where you can also purchase an advance ticket for the festival which includes a ‘peint’ glass to keep filled with your first beer.